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Friday, June 20, 2003

Tim Yeo and the one word we long to hear...

Much has been made of Tim Yeo's failure to answer his email and/or apologise for hijacking the Tony Blair email campaign, but the answer behind this mysterious behaviour may very well lie in a statement the great man made at the beginning of this year:

Tim Yeo: Tories Must Stop Saying 'Sorry' (BBC, 2 Jan 2003)

We love you, Tim, we really do - but would saying ‘sorry’ just once more really kill you? We want the world to read about what a great guy you are and how hard you work for us, not about how you once ripped off some other guy's campaign.

Go on; swallow your pride.

“Just because Jesus never apologised to anyone doesn't mean that we should not.”

Ed note - can we please have a show of hands in the comments box? Who among you would sing the praises of this great man for taking this brave step?


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