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Monday, July 14, 2003

Tim Yeo says 'no' to wind farms

Tim Yeo has rightfully attacked Labour's ridiculous plans for offshore turbine fields.

"Claiming that one home in six could be supplied with electricity generated by offshore wind power sets a new standard of absurdity," said Mr Yeo, before being cruelly edited by CNN.

Conservatives.com gives us the full quote in all its glory, where Tim goes on to say:

“While we all want more electricity to be generated from renewable sources, off shore wind requires enormous capital investment and carries high transmission costs."

Indeed. Why muck around building new renewable-source power stations when there are plenty of fully-functional coal-burning and nuclear stations just lying around? Also, just who is going to pay to have all that electricity loaded onto boats and shipped back to the mainland?

Labour clearly haven’t thought this through.


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