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Monday, June 30, 2003

Tim Yeo backs 'same sex' couples

In response to government plans to award the same legal rights to 'same sex' couples as married couples, Tim Yeo, the forward-thinking champion of the oppressed, said:

"I welcome the recognition that people in committed relationships will now have the chance to clear up any doubts over areas such as their pension entitlements, inheritance issues and next of kin status. It is right that those people that have been victims of discrimination in the past will now have this opportunity.

"This does not detract in any way from the status of marriage, which evidence shows is still the preferred choice of many couples, and provides an excellent framework for couples bringing up children."

Obviously Tim believes - as many of us do - that the age-old institution of marriage will continue in popularity, but critics have warned that this trend could reverse in times of economic downturn, when money-saving aspects such as an immediate doubling of your wardrobe tempt more and more people to play for the home team.

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