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Friday, October 24, 2003

Tim Yeo for the leadership!

Torygraph: Tim Yeo, the shadow trade minister, is being urged by friends to stand.

Heh. They can't mean us, can they?

FT.com: Many Portillistas are focusing their energies on persuading Tim Yeo, shadow trade and industry secretary, to stand. One supporter of Mr Yeo said yesterday: "If we have got Howard and Davis definitely standing there's clearly room for a candidate in the centre." But for all the talk it remains possible that the 25 names will not be forthcoming. One MP spoke for many when he said he hoped others would do his "dirty work" for him so he could avoid putting pen to paper.

We take offence at the proximity of Tim Yeo's name to the suggestion that some Tory MPs allow others to do their dirty work for them. This simple isn't Tim Yeo's style, nor that of his supporters (of which, there are dozens).

UPDATE - It's not too late to get a bet down, people.

Go Ye-o, go Ye-o!


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