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Monday, September 22, 2003

Tim Yeo: leadership challenge in the offing?

Can it be true? Will Tim Yeo really be granted the opportunity to lead the Tory party to victory and this great nation to a utopian age of iron rule?

This article about the backlash against Labour and the inability of the Tory party to capitalise on it (well, they were in favour the illegal war, too if you recall) contains the usual speculation about a leadership challenge, but in this case an unnamed individual names names (sounds rock-solid enough for me):

Although the chance of a leadership contest before the general election is negligible, that has not stopped another round of positioning. One senior Tory said: "There are five camps - Tim Yeo, David Davis, Michael Howard, Michael Portillo and Ken Clarke. No one is ready to make a move, but this will put pressure on IDS to improve his performance."

Tim Yeo, your time to move is now. When the news breaks and many Brits hear the name 'Tim Yeo' for the first time, they will find this blog know that you are universally loved by all.


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