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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Tim Yeo and Tony Blair's Email

Now that Tony Blair's email facility is finally live, we can't help but wonder what Tim Yeo will do.

Downing Street's interwebnet team have made it clear that they’ve been working on this for nine months. Tim Yeo began his inspired campaign less than two months ago.

What route will this great statesman take in the face of such difficulty?

You, the reader, have a chance to WIN BIG if you guess correctly!

Will he:
A - Take credit for it
B - Acknowledge the role of the long-running campaign at Bloggerheads
C - Keep very quiet about the whole thing
D - Other: ________________

Please send your best guesses to this eminent author or leave a comment. The first and/or most correct answer will receive a signed copy of this book, now remaindered and therefore highly collectible.


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