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Monday, August 11, 2003

Tim Yeo needs your support!

Iain Duncan Smith has given Theresa May a 'personal assurance' that she is not about to be sacked as Conservative Party chairman.

If I'm any judge of politics, this means that she will be packing up her desk by Friday at the latest. And not a moment to soon.

As any fool should know, Tim Yeo is trying to help the Tories by ensuring that conditions are prime for remodelling ahead of the next election. The most vital aspect of this is a new Tory party chairman that he - and we- can trust.

It is vital that you show your support for Tim Yeo in this time of turmoil and uncertainty. Get in touch with Iain Duncan Smith today via this email form, or via direct email at ids@conservatives.com or duncan-smithi@parliament.uk

Let IDS know that Tim Yeo is a political genius matched by no other, and he speaks for all of us here on the Interwebnet.

Do it. Do it now!


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