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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Tim Yeo speaks out about not speaking up!

Well, it's been a fairly quiet summer from Tim Yeo, but he's just rattled the drum on the subject of nuclear power and made his first public statement regarding the Blair Email affair.

Why no comment from Tim Yeo throughout this long and sorry saga?

Tim Yeo said to FT's Observer: "I thought of the idea independently. From what I have heard of what (Tim Ireland) has been doing, I don't think there would be any benefit in contacting him."

And rightly so (as the saying goes). Some level of propriety must be maintained. To even admit to being fully aware of the activities of a simple rank-and-file blogger would cause the collapse of civilisation as we know it.

This, after all, is a vital aspect of our society that the Tories work to preserve harder than anyone - and there is no better man to lead them back into power than this grand statesman.

We are not worthy to lick his boots.


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