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Monday, November 10, 2003

Tim Yeo and the Tory shuffle

The East Anglian Times has managed to scoop even the BBC by announcing before anyone else on the Interwebnet that Tim Yeo is to take charge of both the education and health portfolios in the shadow cabinet.

A formal announcement is expected later this afternoon (but how the East Anglian Times got a hold of this information so early remains to be seen).

Leadership? Pah!

Who needs some poxy front-of-store job when you're in charge of people's very lives? And the future of their lives in the shape of young people - with their malleable minds and their soft, juicy eyeballs!

And - it just has to be said - Tim Yeo has scored not just one of the top jobs, but two!

We do keep telling you; the man is a fucking legend.


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