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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Just in case anyone had forgotten.

The reason for this blog and the criteria for it's removal remain the same.

Tim Yeo-Campaign Hijacker

Tim Ireland wants recognition and an apology on the Conservatives website and at least one major newspaper.

And so this site will carry on, up to and past the next General Election until the criteria has been fulfilled.

I've opened up the comments. It may well disappear as quickly as it arrived but I'll give it a few days and then decide whether it is "on or off or off or on". First person to name the lyric used gets a big cyber hug.

Serious Bit

This weblog was set up by Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads.
The right to post here has been passed to me.
Any main posts from this day forth are my responsibility.
I will edit comments at my discretion, and my say is final.
If the comments are being abused then I will pull them.
Other than that, life goes on....


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