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Friday, December 05, 2003

Tim Yeo's honesty and ability in question!

As we all know, Tim Yeo is a director of Univent PLC, an 'operator of nursing homes for elderly people and domiciliary care agencies'.

To suggest (as FT.com has) that a man who is brave enough to take on not one, but two shadow cabinet positions can be swayed by something as simple as a conflict of interest is absurd.

We know for a fact that Tim Yeo, who is also a director of Genus PLC, has not once used his position of power to influence the development or free traffic of cattle semen.

Also, the very suggestion that these responsibilities will weigh down on a man who is able to influence the PM himself with the simple creation of a Hotmail address is ridiculous.

Tim Yeo has the strength of heart (and the space in his brain) to deal with all of the above - and a lot more besides - fairly and squarely.

So shut the fuck up about it, before you make a fool of yourself.


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