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Friday, January 23, 2004

Tim Yeo: He's hungry, and he knows why!

The Times reports Tim Yeo's views on cannabis: "I enjoyed it. It can be a much pleasanter experience than having too much to drink."

Right on, Tim!


Though I am disappointed that in your role as Shadow Secretary of State for Public Services, Health and Education (Public Services? When did that happen? Curse my short term memory loss!) that you didn't point out the health benefits and how very educational it can be.

No matter. This revelation cannot be allowed to pass by.

Tim, I say we bury the hatchet and smoke a peace pipe.

I'll be in town next week; how about it?

You, me and spliff makes three.

I'm sure we'll find something to laugh about in our adventures over the last few months. If not... well, I'm sure we'll find plenty to forget.

Tell you what, we can even make it legal and trip off to the Netherlands for a day or two. I know this great place in Groningen. At least, I think I do. Perhaps I dreamed it....


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