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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Tim Yeo: the hunt for poetry!

It has come to my attention that a certain Relationship That Shall Not Be Mentioned may have involved poetry from the great man himself.

I'm willing to bet that extracts were published at some time, but they haven't shown up anywhere on the web... yet.

Track Down Tim Yeo's Poetry & Win Big Prizes!

A fabulous A3 poster of Tony Blair posing in the nude is up for grabs, and will go to the first person to provide us with verifiable transcripts of Tim Yeo's love poems.

Send your entries to:
yeopoem AT bloggerheads DOT com

And now, to inspire you in your quest, a poem that I have penned about the object of my affection....

Oh Tim Yeo,
You are so grand;
You are like a light,
Held bright in my hand.

Oh Tim Yeo,
Your jobs, you have two;
What a good thing, then,
Both are perfect for you.


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