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Monday, December 22, 2003

Tim Yeo unfairly accused of hypocrisy!

Tim Yeo quite rightly wished to draw our attention to his entry in the Register of Members' Interests before beginning this Dec 3 2003 address to Parliament that - eventually - leads us to the subject of NHS staff conditions (we know Tim is able to tackle this issue without influencing the conditions/wages of nurses in the employ of Univent PLC, which is an entirely different matter altogether).

However, as he is a man with a dual weight upon his mighty shoulders, before he could move on to that subject he first had to address the more pressing issue of student top-up fees - but when our hero quite rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of the Labour government that stated the following in their manifesto two years ago; "We will not introduce 'top-up' fees and have legislated to prevent them", Mike Gapes saw fit to dredge up something that Tim Yeo had said in parliament FIVE years ago.

At this time, Tim Yeo said: "since graduates generally enjoy above-average incomes it is entirely fair that they should contribute directly to part of the cost of their higher education", but:
1. This formed part of a question, not a statement!
2. This was clearly based on opinion, not policy!
3. These words were spoken when debating proposed student top-up loans, not proposed student top-up fees! Chalk and cheese, obviously.
4. This happened five long years ago (as opposed to two short years ago).

How sad that shouty, pedantic, Labour scum see fit to badger him in such a way, thereby hindering his double-duties!


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