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Friday, January 09, 2004

Tim Yeo stands tall against student top-up fees

What a guy! Not content with simply pointing out that the top-up fees are a "clear breach" of Labour's 2001 election manifesto pledge, our hero also saw fit to target the concessions, stating that they turn the proposals into "a complete mess".

He even did a few sums.

(Well, he is the shadow minister for education. Oh, and health. And to answer your question; yes, I'd trust him completely to do open heart surgery on me. I hear he has this new 'bare hand' technique, where he simply plunges his fist through your ribcage and extracts the still-beating heart for a quick fiddle, before putting it back where it came from by shoving it down your throat.)

I think we can take it as read, then, that the only way Tim Yeo will go on this matter is delivering a flat-out 'no'. No fees package, no fees package with concessions. He's completely against the idea, and always has been.

God bless you, Tim Yeo.

PS - I keep getting sharp shooting pains and throbbing in my arms. Are you available for a quick bypass operation next Tuesday?


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