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Monday, January 12, 2004

Tim Yeo - they said what?!!

The Independent has dared to host an opinion column questioning Tim Yeo's stance on student top-up fees that describes the Conservatives' proposals as 'political opportunism' and their position as 'untenable and dishonest'.

The chap who wrote it goes by the name of Charles Clarke.

I think with a little bit of work we can track down his personal details and put a brick through his window.

Yep, here you go:
He appears to be based in some place in London called 'Downing St'.

Go get him, folks!

UPDATE - Still no word on poetry by The Master, so here's a new piece by moi:

Brick, window
Smash, tinkle
Not a very nice brick
Which is why
I threw it away
Honest, officer

I know this one doesn't rhyme, but I'm trying to stretch myself.....


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