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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

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It seems the Yeo world wide family are an equally talented bunch as this distant relative of Tim's has proved....

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Tim has taken to his new role as Shadow Transport and Environment minister with some scathing attacks on the state of the privatised rail network and the modern day plague of speed cameras.

Tim Yeo, the shadow transport secretary, said: "Instead of defending cameras, the Government should focus on improving driver awareness and tracking down dangerous and reckless drivers."

Surely belting past a speed camera constitutes dangerous and/or reckless driving? But hey, what do I know, a mere mortal in the shadow of a demi-god?

Tim also has something to say about the Tube Strike in London this week.
One pinko liberal labelled Tim's statement as a Tory U-turn, but we all know that it was more likely a strategic re-thinking of current policy under the inspired guidance of the new leadership and his eager minions.


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