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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Declaration Of Amnesty

Dear Mr Yeo,

It cannot have escaped your attention that this weblog is the top search result for your name in Google. And Yahoo. And AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, MSN and Lycos. Every time you appear in print, speak on the radio or pop up on TV, I reach about fifty new people who want to know more about you via this weblog.

Therefore, it is a liability to you.

You may also have noted that I've been actively campaigning to get more MPs weblogging. The campaign to get constituents to blog on behalf of MPs is chuffing along nicely. The very best example has been set by the weblog on behalf of Jim Cousins with the author's attempt to keep it free of bias and - above all - this open offer:

If the real Jim Cousins ever finds out about this blog he can have it, and the associated gmail address, as long as he keeps it up to date. How good an offer is that? Nice, easy to use way to get in touch with his constituents. For free. Come and get it Jim.

This weblog, however, sets a very bad example and threatens to scare some less-knowledgeable MPs off. Also, the issues of trust that it raises via my association with it places me very firmly in the role of campaigner, when I would much rather be a provider.

Therefore, it is a liability to me.

The solution is simple....

This weblog is yours for the taking. All you have to do is drop me a line via email (manic AT bloggerheads DOT com) so I can hand you the keys. The only condition I set is that you bring it to life rather than kill it. That's the core of the offer. Icing and sprinkles follow...

The Archives: My professional advice would be to leave the archives in place. You'll gain a great deal of respect for taking a hit to the chin with good grace. But that's just advice; feel free to ignore it.

The Design: We can dress the blog up in Tory blue and review the static links/content so these give a better overview of who you are and what you stand for. There will be no charge for this service.

Consultancy: It would take me about an hour to teach you the technical basics, but the social aspect is what counts and the learning curve here can be steep. I'm willing to help. There will be a nominal charge for this service.

I urge you to consider this offer carefully. Together we can set a healthier and more constructive tone in the political blogging arena, but only if we are both willing to swallow our pride.

With Kind Regards,

Tim Ireland

Note to readers of this blog - If you think this is a good offer and Tim Yeo should snap it up, you can help by adding your voice. Phone, fax and email details for Tim Yeo appear on the top left of this blog. Get in touch today and let the man know that we're nice people, really - and ready and waiting to welcome the first Tory MP to the weblog community.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Hypefinder General

New toll motorway plan is more hype than substance

Mr Yeo commented that while Conservatives were not against the project, it was not likely to come to fruition until 2020 at the earliest, and amounted to "more hype than substance".

So you can bet your bottom dollar it will one of the top promises in the next Conservative manifesto then.

Meanwhile - no correction or acknowledgement from Sky News. Anyone would think they didn't care about reporting things accurately. And now I find this :But in separate articles for the WMN today the Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary Tim Yeo, and Lib-Dem rural affairs spokesman Andrew George accuse her of abandoning the industry that dominates the Westcountry's farming and landscape.

How many jobs does this man have? At this rate The Pope had better watch his back...

Fighting Internet Scams

Friday, July 02, 2004

Fish without chips....

Good to see Tim isn't afraid to stand up and be counted when it comes to the really important issues of the day......

Though this story contains a serious factual error.
'shadow education secretary Tim Yeo'

Every fule no that Tim now has two jobs. I will be writing a stern e-mail immediately.

Edit: Just sent this


Reference : http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30500-13147366,00.html

Tim Yeo is in fact Shadow Minister for Transport and The Environment and not Shadow Education Minister as stated.

I would appreciate a correction.

Many Thanks


Thursday, July 01, 2004

On yer bike, Tim!

GET out of your cars!

That was the message today from the government as more than 50 MPs and peers got on their bikes to promote cycling to work.

But Suffolk's Westminster politicians were not able to join their colleagues on a ride along the south bank – they were busy with other things.

"This has come too soon after my appointment, I'm afraid," said South Suffolk MP and Tory transport spokesman Tim Yeo.

"Certainly I support cycling – to ease traffic congestion, because it's good for the environment, and for health reasons.

"But more needs to be done to attract people on to their bikes – and there is the fear factor, people don't like cycling on roads that they have to share with fast-moving cars and lorries."

Too soon after your appointment? Huh? If it's bike riding lessons you're after I'd be only too happy to help. Just say the word....