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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Latest news

It seems the Yeo world wide family are an equally talented bunch as this distant relative of Tim's has proved....

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Tim has taken to his new role as Shadow Transport and Environment minister with some scathing attacks on the state of the privatised rail network and the modern day plague of speed cameras.

Tim Yeo, the shadow transport secretary, said: "Instead of defending cameras, the Government should focus on improving driver awareness and tracking down dangerous and reckless drivers."

Surely belting past a speed camera constitutes dangerous and/or reckless driving? But hey, what do I know, a mere mortal in the shadow of a demi-god?

Tim also has something to say about the Tube Strike in London this week.
One pinko liberal labelled Tim's statement as a Tory U-turn, but we all know that it was more likely a strategic re-thinking of current policy under the inspired guidance of the new leadership and his eager minions.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Just in case anyone had forgotten.

The reason for this blog and the criteria for it's removal remain the same.

Tim Yeo-Campaign Hijacker

Tim Ireland wants recognition and an apology on the Conservatives website and at least one major newspaper.

And so this site will carry on, up to and past the next General Election until the criteria has been fulfilled.

I've opened up the comments. It may well disappear as quickly as it arrived but I'll give it a few days and then decide whether it is "on or off or off or on". First person to name the lyric used gets a big cyber hug.

Serious Bit

This weblog was set up by Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads.
The right to post here has been passed to me.
Any main posts from this day forth are my responsibility.
I will edit comments at my discretion, and my say is final.
If the comments are being abused then I will pull them.
Other than that, life goes on....

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Under New Management

Following Tim Ireland's decision to take a break from political activisim, I have been offered the lofty post of stalker-in-situ.
I only hope I can live up the high standards that preceed me.

So let's see
- Google News Alerts - check
- Conservative Party Press Releases - check
- BBC News Politics page as one of my daily check outs - already there (natch)

Okay, let's land this baby.

( see Bloggerheads for further details)

For my own personal take on Tim, The Big Intervention and Bloggerheads, please turn to my humble blog

Monday, June 14, 2004

Tim Yeo sacked?

Scotsman - Yeo 'Sacked' as Howard Refreshes his Shadow Cabinet: When he won the Tory leadership last autumn, Mr Howard sought to break the conventional mould by appointing a slimline Shadow Cabinet of 12 with a single member – Tim Yeo – to spearhead Conservative policy on both health and education. That experiment ended today as Mr Yeo was moved sideways to the environment and transport brief and his former deputies Andrew Lansley and Tim Collins were promoted to a 14-strong Shadow Cabinet as shadow secretaries of state for education and health respectively.




I simply refuse to believe these lies.

No, I don't care if the BBC is reporting it too. It's lies! All lies!

How could the dream be over? How could this bold experiment fail?

Why, Tim Yeo is more than capable of...

Haaaang on... what did that first article say? That Tim Yeo has been moved 'sideways' to environment and transport?

That's two jobs, isn't it?

Why, I do believe it is.

Hooray for Tim Yeo!

Perfect briefs they are, too.

Environment, because Mr Yeo loves walking through it while he plays golf.

Transport, because the man is a true visionary in this field:

"Railway privatisation, of which I have long been an enthusiastic supporter, is the first and long overdue step towards rebuilding a golden age of rail, which should reverse the long-term decline in the railways' share of passenger and freight movement." - Tim Yeo, December 1996

Friday, June 04, 2004

Tim Yeo under threat?

Torygraph - Howard stands firm against reshuffle: Michael Howard is resisting pressure for a post-election reshuffle of his shadow cabinet amid fears among senior Tories that the party is rapidly losing momentum in the run-up to next week's local and European elections.... some senior frontbenchers with close links to Mr Howard are calling for "rigorous performance assessment" of the six key shadow cabinet members: Michael Ancram, Mr Letwin, Tim Yeo, Theresa May, Caroline Spelman and David Davis. Mr Yeo, the shadow health and education secretary, is under pressure to sort out party policy on giving parents and patients greater choice in education and health after being told by MPs that the proposals were unworkable.

Actually, Tim Yeo's rather complicated position can be summed up in the single sentence that states; "Mr Yeo, the shadow health and education secretary, is under pressure to sort out party policy on giving parents and patients greater choice in education and health..."

Just look at it! It goes; health/education, education/health, education/health. A profeshunal journalist has problems keeping them in the right order inside a single sentence. Imagine the difficulties you or I would have forming entire policies without accidentally recommending voluntary euthanasia for students with poor exam results.

This is why Michael Howard should - nay, must - keep a superhuman in charge.

I urge you all to contact Michael Howard today and advise him to stand by our greatest living statesman.