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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If it's true... well done, Tim!

Independent - Howard's strategy is slated by leading Tory moderniser: One Tory MP said he had received phone calls from supporters of David Davis sounding him out on his position on the eve of the election. He said: "They were very keen that a leadership battle should take place as soon as possible so Malcolm Rifkind shouldn't consolidate his position." He predicted the modernisers could gather around Mr Yeo, who has argued that the party is out of touch on issues such as homosexuality and single-parent families. Mr Yeo also refused to mention immigration and asylum on his campaign literature.

Take a look at that last point and compare it to the approach taken by the Dipstick in Guildford. If it's true, I'm happy to re-open the offer of amnesty.

Please think about it, Mr Yeo.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Get your butt online, son!

Guardian - Soames and Yeo leave Tory front bench: Two of Michael Howard's shadow cabinet resigned today, as speculation mounted about the timing of and frontrunners in the Conservative leadership race. Tim Yeo, the shadow environment and transport secretary, quit in order to have free rein to debate "non-traditional issues" ahead of the contest... Whilst it was not immediately clear if Mr Yeo - firmly on the liberal, modernising wing of the party - would stand himself, he said the party has focused too much on its core voters during the campaign.

Hmm. I know of a great way Tim could modernise and hook up with all sorts of supportive liberal-types from the left and right... maybe - just maybe - this time he'll listen.