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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tim Yeo reaches for the sky

Conservatives.com - Tony Blair ditches climate change targets: Tim Yeo, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, today expressed his disappointment to the growing anger expressed in response to the revelations that the Prime Minister has been trying to weaken the progressive European position on climate change targets.

Our hero said: "This is outrageous from a Prime Minister who has tried to identify himself publicly with what he has called the greatest threat to mankind this century."

There's this, too...

Independent - Blair's greenhouse gas policy 'scandalous': "This is scandalous. Blair is saying publicly that climate change is the greatest threat to mankind this century. But privately he is trying to get the EU to downgrade their targets."

Now, *this* is more like it. When Tim Yeo was shadow minister for health, education and assorted condiments, he obviously felt shackled by the domestic nature of his remit. Now he's (almost) in charge of the environment, he can tackle issues that influence the whole damn planet.

He's using some mighty fine words - and he has the Conservative's excellent track record of environmental concern and action to back them up.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Tim Yeo: the quest for leadership continues

Evening StarTories 'back in the human race': On the day that his party launched its campaign for this year's general election, top Suffolk Tory Tim Yeo warned it was only just rejoining the human race. Mr Yeo, who is MP for South Suffolk and shadow environment and transport secretary, said the two and a half years after the last election had been "wasted."

Daily Mail - No need to be so 'umble, Mr Yeo (requires subscription): One can only wonder what other Tories think of the Yeo comments. Consider all those rank-and-file party workers... who are now told that they have been working hard for a party whose member, presumably including themselves, barely qualify as human beings. The only rational - but noet creditable - explanation is that (Tim Yeo) has decided to put down his marker for a party leadership contest after an expected defeat in May.

This is perfect... absolutely perfect! Hurrah!

Now we know Tim Yeo has a plan, and it is - we are pleasantly surprised to discover - totally in keeping with our own.

We (the peeps behind the Tim Yeo weblog) plan to back Tony Blair in the upcoming general election, and we were quite worried that this would require us to abandon Tim Yeo in what many would assume to be his hour of need.

Now we know that we can back Blair to our heart's content, safe in the knowledge that Tim Yeo fully expects his party to lose the next election and is in fact counting on it as part of his bid for leadership.

I say again: Hurrah!

"Tim Yeo for Tory Party Leader," the posters shall say, together with a suitably witty strapline, "One Party! One Race!"

It's all going to be very exciting...